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Instagram Marketing Secrets

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Instagram has 1billion users, each day 500 million users are online ( 2021 data )

Frequently asked questions by business owners, when approaching Instagram marketing or management

  1. The need to keep creating great content? The answer to this question is rather simple yet complicated

  2. How can my business be noticed and appreciated? Depending on your brand and content, where does your audience search for your brand?

  3. And should we even bother? Instagram has 1billion users, each day 500 million users are online ( 2021 data )

  4. Is the Instagram platform full of creativity and artistic ingenuity? Yes, home to influencers, creators, artists, small businesses, big brands.

  5. Does Instagram help e-commerce products more effectively? Instagram recently added Shops to allow e-commerce sellers to integrate their product catalogs.

Content is the key.

#Instagram Content Ideas for Businesses.Create a #social calendar, with upcoming holidays and you can relate with those with your business. Build social links, linking with the website (every seasonality post would link to related products)

  • Research current social trends

  • Get in touch with #creators, illustrators, #influencers

  • Feature holiday products and storytelling through links in the bio

  • Trending #Reels, Stories to push your products.

  • Use Instagram Live

  • Use videos and capture your business story - how it started and how it's going

  • Ask your customers for reviews ( highlight them )

All businesses need to have tools for social media. The Instagram audience wants to see new content, new accounts to follow: Your audience has the power to follow and unfollow. It is tough and yet simple to surprise them these days. Great tools can make all the difference to your Instagram strategy ( Adobe Spark, Canva photoshop ). Professional video editing tools too.

3. Focus on Consistency

Consistency is key for social media. Build trust with your community of people who look forward to your updates. Ask questions in your Instagram stories. Get to know your audience. Communication is the skill, which one portraits through pictures, videos, jokes, cheerful and inspiring words.

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