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Updated: Jan 29, 2022

SEO ( Search engine optimization ) is about knowing what people are searching online, what are the needs they are seeking, the words typed. Researching the need, problematic issues, and answers to these questions will allow you to relate to those who are searching online for the solutions you offer. Search engines are answering machines.

SEO is an overall effort of all putting the pieces of a business together, including social media, marketing, web design, networking, and copywriting

How do search engines work?

For your brand /business to be visible online, your content needs to first be visible to search engines, SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

How do search engines work?

By searching the world wide web through crawlers for URLs, content, pics, video, pdfs ( spiders /bots ), looking over the code/content for each URL they find.

Store and organize the content found through the crawling process. Once a page is in the index, as result to relevant show ups to relevant search queries.

Bots will rank the content and keywords, therefore producing results by the most relevant content to least relevant.

Keywords are the keys to gaining traffic to your website, adding keywords to your web content. Make it possible for your customers/fans/ followers /audience to find your site via search engines.

Also known as on-page SEO, with the right tags and data (Html codes) used for your content marketing makes your website search engine friendly. Level up your title tags and meta descriptions. Write quality content, show off your product /services.

Anything done outside your website for web page ranking.A simple exchange of links, of having other sites link back to yours, to have credibility and authority in your industry. ( Eg for link building - Brand mentions, commenting, forums, influencer outreach, live events, ott platforms)

Industry News / infographics / Blog posts / Tutorials / videos/ podcasts These are crucial content streams relating onsite SEO for your business.Show your clients you are in-depth information about your business goals and industry news

Local SEO means more website traffic, leads, and conversions since the strategy are more related to your base of local customers. Think of this direct marketing strategy as a way to get local support against larger national brands that have unlimited resources.

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